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How to Search for XML / RSS Newsfeeds on Google

To search for RSS newsfeeds on Google, type the following: searchword inurl:rssfeedname.xml Example for searching for sports: sports inurl:rssheadlines.xml

Charter Cable Troubleshooting Tips

This article gives some basic info for troubleshooting Charter Cable connections for networking customers or in the event that we need to help a web hosting or e-mail customer with their cable settings.

Cannot Download E-mail

Outlook Express: 1. Please go to “Tools” and then to “Accounts” 2. Click on the “Mail” tab 3. Highlight your account and click “Properties” 4. Click the “Servers” tab and check the following settings: Incoming Mail (POP3): Outgoing Mail (SMTP): 5. Once these settings are corrected, please press “Ok” 6. Now check to […]

Webmail User Manual

User’s WebMail Manual Here is an explanation of how to use the WebMail. * Logging into the WebMail. * Reading your mail. * Sending your mail. * E-mail Preferences. * Managing your folders. * Addressbook Logging into the WebMail. * Open up a browser, Internet Explorer or Netscape * Click on the location bar and […]

Tech Support for E-mail Problems

These are things you should know before calling tech support regarding email issues.

Trouble Deleting Email from Outlook Express

Symptom: When the mail is highlighted and deleted, a copy would go into the deleted folder but the original would stay in the inbox.

Setting Outlook Express To Work Outside of WingNET’s Network

When accessing our mail server through another ISP’s network, you will need to enter these settings in order to send mail.

DSL USB Modem Setup Guide

Available in Adobe PDF format: Download DSL USB Modem Setup Guide

Basic WingNET Settings

Basic WingNET Settings

How to Fix Website Links

My links are not working correctly. What could be wrong?