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Zoom Ethernet DSL Navigator Simulator

Zoom Ethernet DSL Navigator Simulator. This is helpful in working through screens without having the unit in front of you.

Zoom USB DSL Navigation Simulator

Zoom USB DSL Navigation Simulator. This is useful for seeing the configuration screens when you do not have the unit in front of you.

Connected to Internet but Cannot Browse

This troubleshooter details a list of steps to perform if you can dial up and connect, but are unable to load webpages.

Why Do I Keep Having to Enter My Password?

Why do I keep having to enter my password?

Account Information

This page covers the basic information and common questions about your WingNET account. If you have questions that are not covered here you may e-mail us or call our offices.

Email Fraud

Email fraud can come in various sources and styles.

Windows XP Modem Errors

Windows XP Modem Errors

HOW TO: Assign a Static Drive Letter in Windows XP Professional

Click on:Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management Right Click on the drive you want to change. Left Click on “Change Drive Letter and Paths” Assign a drive letter from this window and you’re done!

How Can I Password Protect My E-mail Using Outlook Express?

How to password protect Outlook Express.

Why Does Outlook Keep Timing Out?

How to keep Outlook from timing out with the server.