This article gives some basic info for troubleshooting Charter Cable connections for networking customers or in the event that we need to help a web hosting or e-mail customer with their cable settings.

Charter Cable has the following DNS server settings in our area:

This is based on the DNS server settings of a customer cable modem on a network troubleshooting call.

The default gateway as of this writing is:

One customer had problems with slow network response. Troubleshooting ultimately determined that his cable modem had gotten popped on the ethernet port.  (Charter vehemently stated that the cable modem was ok, but they can ONLY check up to the BNC connection, not the ethernet.)  A test with the Fluke LinkRunner indicated that the link rate was low/slow.  Possibly it had been full duplex and after being hit was degraded to half duplex or something similar.  A replacement of the cable modem fixed the problem immediately.