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Warning About Domain Renewal Letters

Do you have a domain name registered with Wingnet Internet Services? Several of our domain name customers have received official looking domain renewal documents in the mail. These letters are not from Wingnet.

How to Set Up Dialup in Windows Vista

With the release of Windows Vista comes a new way of computing. Microsoft has changed many aspects of the familiar Windows environment in an effort to make the operating system more secure and user friendly. Below are instructions on how to setup WingNet for use in Windows Vista.

Lyris List Server Administration Tips

Having a Lyris E-mail List Server can be a blessing or a nightmare depending on how well you care for it.  We inherited a Lyris machine through an acquisition.  Here are some tips based on what we learned.

WingNET Advanced SPAM Protection guide

An extensive guide to managing your spam protection with WingNET Advanced SPAM Protection.

WingNET Tests New Spam Prevention

This week marks the beginning of a test of a new spam prevention appliance.  If you have a address, your e-mail address will be protected more from spam than it was previously during the test of this equipment.  Also, if you have received e-mails about quarantined messages, read more to find out what it […]

Bogus Account Alert E-mails

Although not new, we have seen a resurgence of e-mails that claim to be coming from WingNET’s Staff asking customers to confirm their e-mail account or other such information.  The e-mail threatens that your account will be suspended or discontinued if you do not click the link to a certain website.  These are BOGUS.  Please […]

How to Set Up Secondary MX on Qmail and Sendmail

Whenever we host DNS for a customer on a foreign/external network, it is often required or negotiated that we provide backup mail services for the customer in case their own mail server were to go down.  Here’s how to set up sendmail and qmail for this.

SPAM: How Come I Get Bounced Messages for E-Mail I Didn’t Send?

Occasionally you may received a bounced message in your inbox from “Postmaster” or “Mailer-Daemon.”  When you look at the message, you discover that it contains what appears to be spam.  You realize that you didn’t send the message.  Why is it bouncing back to you?  How did your e-mail address get associated with spam?

Resetting Windows XP TCP/IP

Sometimes your networking in Windows XP just stops working.  This could be due to improper registry cleaning on your part or on the part of alleged spyware/adware removal tools.  This article describes how to reset the TCP/IP stack in Windows XP.

Who’s Watching Your Every Move?

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re being watched?  Is it a comfortable feeling?  If you knew that you were being watched and could do something about it, would you?  Well, chances are, you are being watched — at least your movements on your computer.  With identity theft and phishing schemes on the uprise, […]