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Get Rid of Spam with a WASP

“Just wanted to say thank you for your service! This morning instead of the usual 75 junk e-mails or so I had 3 emails. This is MUCH better!” (Greg H., OH) “It has been absolutely wonderful and we would like to subscribe.” (Lil H., TN)  Those are the words of yet another satisfied WingNET WASP […]

Dedicated Access

Dedicated Access

WingNET Expands Dialup Coverage

Beginning July 1, WingNET’s dialup network will be expanded, adding an additional 2,700 unique access numbers.  This additional coverage will help fill in some of the the last remaining gaps we have on our nationwide network. If you have relatives in other areas around the country, refer them to WingNET for their Internet access and […]

Local VoIP Service with E911 Available

WingNET is pleased to announce the availability of Voice over IP telephone service for our customers NATIONWIDE.  With any broadband service (cable modem, DSL, T1) our customers will now be able to have high quality voice over IP telephone service including unlimited long distance calling.  Now, for as low as $12.95 a month, you can […]

Offsite Data Storage

WingNET is pleased to offer its new SYD Service.  SYD is “Save Your Data.”  It might also be called “save your sanity” or “save your job.”  For less than $10 per month, you can save your critical files and gain an extra level of protection against data loss.

Domain Name Registration Agreement

This document contains the Registration Agreement for all domains registered through WingNET via OpenSRS/ Co.  It is binding regarding your registration of domain names using any of the extensions noted in the document and made available by WingNET.

How to Register Your Own Domain Name

Registering your own domain name is quick and easy with WingNET Internet Services.  Whether you want a popular domain such as “.com” or “.org” or one of the many new extensions available such as “.biz,” “.tv,” “.cc” WingNET can help you through the steps necessary to locate and secure a domain name for you!

Secure Computing and Filtering Products

WingNET is an authorized channel partner of Secure Computing products and services.

WingNET Radio Ads

Did you miss hearing the WingNET radio ads the past few months on Sunny 92.3?  Now you can listen to them and see what all the excitement is about.  The ads were run during the CCM Sunday show hosted by DMI Concerts.  Read the full article to listen to the ads.

Who’s Watching Your Every Move?

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re being watched?  Is it a comfortable feeling?  If you knew that you were being watched and could do something about it, would you?  Well, chances are, you are being watched — at least your movements on your computer.  With identity theft and phishing schemes on the uprise, […]