When the mail is highlighted and deleted, a copy would go into the deleted folder but the original would stay in the inbox.

*Possible Solution:

This behavior can occur if the Deleted Items folder is damaged. Move all messages you want to keep out of the Deleted Items folder and into another mail folder. Close OE, then delete the file “Deleted Items.dbx” in your Identity’s store folder. OE will create a new one when it is reopened.

To find where your data files are stored, go to Tools>> Options>> Maintenance>> Store Folder and see where OE is keeping its data files.

Note: Deleted Items.dbx is a hidden file on XP. In order to find this file you will need to be able to see hidden files.

Go to Start>> My Computer>> Tools>> Folder Options>> View. Under the “Hidden files and folders” folder, click inside the “Show hidden files and folders” option.

*WingNET does not assume responsibility for lost data.