WingNET Internet Services was the natural outgrowth of the computer communications services offered by Craig Thompson in the early 1990s via the old bulletin board and FidoNet Technology.

In the Fall of 1995, White Wing Publishing House, Inc., led by John Pace, asked Craig to consult on starting an Internet Service Provider business in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Having just completed the research on that topic, the timing was right for the two parties to work together.  Work began in earnest in December of 1995, but due to a delay in the expansion of MCI’s nationwide network, the first T1 was not installed until May of 1996.  Staff members and employees involved in the early days of WingNET include John Pace, Bill Stockham, Jose Garcia, Tanya Bumgardner, and Jimmy Daresta along with Mr. Thompson.

WingNET officially opened its doors for business on June 3rd, 1996.  Several of the Charter Members still are customers today thirteen years later.  In July 2000, White Wing began discussions with Craig Thompson regarding the possibility of spinning the business off as a sole owner company, and in August, Caldwell Global Communications, Inc. was formed to facilitate the sale of WingNET from White Wing to Craig Thompson.

Over the years, WingNET grew from analog phone lines to digital, from a single T1 to redundant circuits, and more recently to utilize metro ethernet circuits for backbone connectivity.

Caldwell Global completed its first acquisition in November 2002 when we moved the ZipStar LLC customer base to our services.  In Spring 2005, we acquired CrossConnect ( with a myriad of e-mail and Lyris mailing list hosting services for a truly worldwide user base.  In the Fall of 2006, we acquired NorthWest Indiana USA (, mainly a dialup company.  In February 2007, we began work on two more acquisitions.  The first was a large dialup base of along the west coast of Florida (  The second was a local company, OcoeeNET LLC (, small dialup and web hosting company which had been started a few years after WingNET.  In the Spring of that same year, we migrated a very small user base from Living Waters ISP based in Chattanooga.

Our current spectrum of services ranges from hosting services (web, e-mail, blog) to major mailing list services (Lyris) to Internet access (dialup, DSL, T1 and higher) to collocation for international organizations and consulting for various companies.