Email fraud can come in various sources and styles.

Email fraud becomes extremely dangerous when dealing with money. It is possible for a scam artist to send out an email pretending to be from a bank. The email may be telling you that your account has been deactivated due to fraud.

On the email, there will be a link to a site where you enter your account information in order to reactivate your account. The site that the email is linked to is a fake site that is made to look just like a financial site.

Once you enter your information, it is sent off to the scam artists and they in turn rob your account of its funds.

If you ever receive suspicious emails such as this, please look up your bank’s number in the phone book and call them. They will be able to tell if it’s a scam or not. If you do encounter a fraudulent email, please visit the site of the company that the fraud is pertaining to and report it.