How to password protect Outlook Express.

Q. How can I password protect my email using Outlook Express?

A. You can set up identities in Outlook. Identities are similar to users in Windows XP.

1) First go to “File” then to “Identities”
2) Go to “Add New Identity” and enter a name and a password
3) This can be any name and password that you would like. It does not have to be your WingNET email address.
4) Make sure that ” Require a Password” is checked. Once you’ve done that, you will have to switch to the new identity and it will automatically popup the ” *account setup wizard.”

*You will have to set your account up again under your new identity. Unless you backup and delete your old account, your email that has already been downloaded will still be accessible. Once you set your account up again under the new identity, your old mail will most likely not be redownloaded. You will need to backup any old mail you may have.