Do you have a domain name registered with Wingnet Internet Services?

Several of our domain name customers have received official looking domain renewal documents in the mail. These letters are not from Wingnet.

The scam works this way: unethical companies monitor publicly accessible WHOIS database and obtain your contact information as well as domain expiration dates. Using that information, they mail you an official looking document, months in advance of the renewal date, encouraging you to renew the name now to protect yourself from losing that domain name. When you renew the name by paying the invoice, the domain is not only renewed, but a Registrar transfer is initiated to the unscrupulous Registrar, often at a much higher price than the Wingnet renewal price.

If you receive such a letter, or have any questions at all about your domain name registration, feel free to call our office and ask about it.

At your request, we can set your domain to enable WHOIS privacy. This hides your contact information and prevents other companies from contacting you directly. Also, we can lock your domain to prevent it from being transferred unless we unlock it at your request.

If you would like to set Whois privacy and/or make sure your domain is locked, contact us with your name and your domain name.  You can e-mail us or give us a call at 423-559-5465.