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Domain name registration

Have you considered registering a domain name for your business? Were you confused by .com, .net, and other types of domains?

For over 15 years, .com has provided the most credible and recognized home for businesses looking to succeed online. As the standard for doing business online, local and global companies rely more on .com than any other domain to confidently connect with new customers and partners.

As one of the first web domains, .net has the credibility that comes with experience to help businesses begin, grow and get their best shot online. Join the millions just like you that have trusted .net to give their offline idea a home online.


Warning About Domain Renewal Letters

Do you have a domain name registered with Wingnet Internet Services?

Several of our domain name customers have received official looking domain renewal documents in the mail. These letters are not from Wingnet.

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Due to high speed straightline winds, the Chattanooga metro area suffered a great deal of damage to telecom and utility infrastructure Thursday evening.

During the storm, a transformer blew up, caught fire and burned through a number of fiber cables which resulted in a total loss of connectivity between Cleveland and Chattanooga for high-end fiber optic customers.

Technicians worked throughout the night to restore service. They had to repair two sides of the fiber connection due to the fire, which resulted in a LOT of fiber splices.

They finished this work at 3:30 pm EST. We are in the process of checking all of our servers and making sure all service is restored.

Say a prayer for those in the Chattanooga area who have no power in the midst of a big heat wave, especially the sick and the elderly.and those with young children.



Our hearts and prayers are in remembrance for all those affected by the storms on April 27, 2011.

COMPLETED: Planned data center move – 4/14/11

On April 14 starting at 6 pm EDT, Caldwell Global staff relocated several servers from one data center to another.

During this time period, web sites and e-mail services were unavailable as we physically moved servers from one facility to another. The newer facility has more bandwidth and is closer to our staff for monitoring and access.

We apologize for any inconvenience.  We  look forward to serving you with the higher bandwidth at the new facility.

Volunteers Needed for Neat Project

You’ve heard of the Mystery Diner and the Mystery Shopper?  Well, a local company is wanting to sponsor a news item entitled “The Ocoee Region Mystery Worshiper.”  They are recruiting volunteers who would be willing to visit a local house of worship as assigned and give objective and subjective feedback on the experience.  If you are interested …

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How to Set Up Dialup in Windows Vista

With the release of Windows Vista comes a new way of computing. Microsoft has changed many aspects of the familiar Windows environment in an effort to make the operating system more secure and user friendly. Below are instructions on how to setup WingNet for use in Windows Vista.

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Lyris List Server Administration Tips

Having a Lyris E-mail List Server can be a blessing or a nightmare depending on how well you care for it.  We inherited a Lyris machine through an acquisition.  Here are some tips based on what we learned.
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WingNET Growing Through Acquisitions

Times Free Press Image
CLEVELAND, Tenn – An Internet service provider that started more than a decade ago has found the secret for growth as a stand-alone firm in the ever changing technology world.

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Get Rid of Spam with a WASP

Active Image“Just wanted to say thank you for your service! This morning instead of the usual 75 junk e-mails or so I had 3 emails. This is MUCH better!” (Greg H., OH) “It has been absolutely wonderful and we would like to subscribe.” (Lil H., TN)  Those are the words of yet another satisfied WingNET WASP Customer.  With the onslaught of spam causing businesses and individuals more and more time and money, WingNET introduced WASP (WingNET Advanced Spam Protection) to bring e-mail back under control.  The company offers a free 30 day trial for companies interested in testing the service.

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