You’ve heard of the Mystery Diner and the Mystery Shopper?  Well, a local company is wanting to sponsor a news item entitled “The Ocoee Region Mystery Worshiper.”  They are recruiting volunteers who would be willing to visit a local house of worship as assigned and give objective and subjective feedback on the experience.  If you are interested …

The purpose of this program is to provide feedback on local houses of worship for people who live or visit in this area (Bradley County, Polk County, Hamilton County).  A side benefit is that the organizations themselves can benefit from seeing how well they are perceived by outsiders.

A volunteer will be assigned a church to visit and be given a list of questions that should be answered after the visit is completed.

What Are the Volunteer Requirements?

  1. Applicants should be 18 years of age and have their own transportation and be willing to travel within a 30 mile (+/-) radius a minimum of once per month.
  2. All work is voluntary.
  3. Applicants should possess a reasonably good ability to write out a description of their experience and their reflection upon their visit to a house of worship.
  4. No prior church background is required; however, if the applicant has a particular background or affiliation, that should be disclosed.
  5. Applicant should possess an attitude and demeanor of open-mindedness.

How Do I Volunteer?
Use the Contact Us link on this website.  List your full name, your age, your gender, your church affiliation and background and how often you would like to participate (the minimum is once per month).