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Why Surf When You Can Fly? (R)

How to Set Up Secondary MX on Qmail and Sendmail

Whenever we host DNS for a customer on a foreign/external network, it is often required or negotiated that we provide backup mail services for the customer in case their own mail server were to go down.  Here’s how to set up sendmail and qmail for this.

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SPAM: How Come I Get Bounced Messages for E-Mail I Didn’t Send?

Occasionally you may received a bounced message in your inbox from “Postmaster” or “Mailer-Daemon.”  When you look at the message, you discover that it contains what appears to be spam.  You realize that you didn’t send the message.  Why is it bouncing back to you?  How did your e-mail address get associated with spam?
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Secure Computing and Filtering Products

WingNET is an authorized channel partner of Secure Computing products and services.

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WingNET Radio Ads

Did you miss hearing the WingNET radio ads the past few months on Sunny 92.3?  Now you can listen to them and see what all the excitement is about.  The ads were run during the CCM Sunday show hosted by DMI Concerts.  Read the full article to listen to the ads.

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Resetting Windows XP TCP/IP

Sometimes your networking in Windows XP just stops working.  This could be due to improper registry cleaning on your part or on the part of alleged spyware/adware removal tools.  This article describes how to reset the TCP/IP stack in Windows XP.

Who’s Watching Your Every Move?

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re being watched?  Is it a comfortable feeling?  If you knew that you were being watched and could do something about it, would you?  Well, chances are, you are being watched — at least your movements on your computer.  With identity theft and phishing schemes on the uprise, it makes sense to protect yourself.
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How to Search for XML / RSS Newsfeeds on Google

To search for RSS newsfeeds on Google, type the following:

searchword inurl:rssfeedname.xml

Example for searching for sports:

sports inurl:rssheadlines.xml

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Charter Cable Troubleshooting Tips

This article gives some basic info for troubleshooting Charter Cable connections for networking customers or in the event that we need to help a web hosting or e-mail customer with their cable settings.

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Cannot Download E-mail

Outlook Express:
1. Please go to “Tools” and then to “Accounts”
2. Click on the “Mail” tab
3. Highlight your account and click “Properties”
4. Click the “Servers” tab and check the following settings:
Incoming Mail (POP3):
Outgoing Mail (SMTP):
5. Once these settings are corrected, please press “Ok”
6. Now check to see if your mail is functioning.
7. If your mail is now functioning, then please re-enable your virus software.

Web Site Maintenance

Let WingNET maintain your site for you.

  • Tired of spending countless hours trying to learn html
    in order to keep your site up to date?
    Let WingNET take care of it all for you.
  • We offer customized web site maintenance plans tailored
    to fit your needs.

    Call us today to see how we can keep you up to date

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