Active Image“Just wanted to say thank you for your service! This morning instead of the usual 75 junk e-mails or so I had 3 emails. This is MUCH better!” (Greg H., OH) “It has been absolutely wonderful and we would like to subscribe.” (Lil H., TN)  Those are the words of yet another satisfied WingNET WASP Customer.  With the onslaught of spam causing businesses and individuals more and more time and money, WingNET introduced WASP (WingNET Advanced Spam Protection) to bring e-mail back under control.  The company offers a free 30 day trial for companies interested in testing the service.

Craig Thompson, President of WingNET, says that most companies can be set up and using the service within 24 hours.  “It’s really a simple, yet effective way for us to help reduce the amount of spam that companies receive.  We’ve received numerous positive comments from the companies that try it.  The best part is that it makes a difference immediately in almost all cases.”

If you are interested in trying the service or in receiving more information, contact WingNET Internet Services at 423.559.5465 or via the contact form on this website.