While shopping for propane recently, I called a  number of suppliers in the Chattanooga / Cleveland / Athens vicinity.  Prices varied greatly.  The cheapest supplier turned out to be

Ocoee River Propane in Cleveland TN.  Their price was under $1.70/gallon.

These prices are helpful only if you own your own tank.  If you are a tank-rental customer, you are pretty much stuck with even higher prices than what you will find listed below (typically).  If you are interested in obtaining pricing on a new tank that you own, we can help point you in the right direction.

The following list of pricing for other providers is based on mid-February pricing.  Obviously, the prices may have changed by the time you read this.  This list is for comparison purposes only and is offered as a service to consumers in the Ocoee Region.

Coast – Empire was $1.849 for a new customer.  No notes on pricing after the first fill.

AmeriGas (266.4058) had a new customer price of $1.899 with a $19.95 test fee.  Regular price was $2.349.

Suburban (476.5051) had a first time fill price of $1.99 with a $50 test fee.

Bradley Propane (476.1666) was $2.109 for first time customers.

Holston Gas was $2.299.

Woodstock was $2.25 with a $75 (!!!) test fee.  This test fee was the highest of any supplier.

Chattanooga Propane was $2.39.


UPDATED:  March 27, 2007

A customer in the area wrote:

"I found Woodstock Gas (I called the Etowah/Delano office) to not only be the cheapest by the gallon, but that they have no tank rental (for a 250 gal. tank if you use 400 gal. a year.) and have free delivery and setup.  There was no "test fee" as your webpage indicates.  They even moved the empty Suburban tank out of the way until I call Suburban and have them come to pick it up.  Woodstock does have a fee if you wait too long to add gas (only $25) and this is only because they have to re-test your lines per some new legislation."  Karen C.