I frequently get disconnected. What could be causing that?

Disconnects can be caused by a number of things. The following is a list of common reasons:

  1. Poor quality of phone lines. However, it can not always be assumed that the phone lines are the problem. Before assuming it is the line, check the rest of the items on this list.
  2. Try rebooting the computer.
  3. Next, try reinstalling your WingNET connection and dial-up networking on your computer to see if that fixes it.
  4. Does anyone use your computer who may have installed software or otherwise changed the configuration of the machine. If so try uninstalling the new software or reversing changes made to the configuration.
  5. Do you ever hear any audible noise on the phone line when you use it? If you can hear ANY noise including crackling sounds, a hum or any clicking, the modem “hears” that interference even more.
  6. Does this problem only occur after storms or other extreme weather conditions? If so this may be a problem with lines that are borderline and only cause disconnects when stressed.
  7. If you plug a phone handset into the phone company’s interface box on the outside of your house or apartment, do you still hear noise? If so, this definitely indicates a line problem from the phone company. If you do not, then the problem is likely coming from the wiring inside your home.
  8. Are there fluorescent lights, a security system, an answering machine, cordless phones, mobile phones or anything else in your home that may cause interference? If so, try unplugging them or turning them off and see if that fixes it. We have had instances where an answering machine was generating enough interference that it was the reason for the modem disconnecting frequently. Once the answering machine was unplugged, the problem stopped.
  9. Do you have call waiting disabled while you are dialed up? If not, then click on the option to disable call waiting in your connection settings.
  10. After you have checked all of these things, if you are still getting frequent disconnects, then call the phone company and ask to have your lines checked. If you hear any noise (as described above), by all means let them know that you hear interference
    whenever you talk on the phone.