On November 15, 2002, ZipStar LLC formally ceased operations as an Internet Service Provider. Through an agreement with WingNET Internet Services, another local Internet Service Provider with multiple T1s, nationwide access numbers and fast connections, all current ZipStar customers are able to continue service with little or no interruption.

ZipStar staff sent out letters to most current customers in an attempt to notify them of this decision. Unfortunately, not all customers were notified through postal mail.

If you are one of the customers who have not received a letter in the mail explaining how to continue your Internet service, please contact the offices of WingNET Internet Services at (423) 559-5465, a Cleveland number that is local to most of the ZipStar customers. You will be given information regarding the details of the switch as well as a special offer to you as a former ZipStar customer during the transition.

This page is currently being served by WingNET since the transition is in effect and does not speak for ZipStar LLC beyond the actual news related above.

If you are a former customer who still has gozipstar.com set as your home page, you should now point your browser to this address –> www.wingnet.net <– as your start page. For help in doing this, call our offices.